About Us

Welcome to Museum Art Paintings Online Gallery! We are the best supplier of authentic hand painted art paintings. We exhibit thousands of the world’s finest oil paintings, ranging from European masterpieces to more contemporary works, offers the most comprehensive selection for online art lovers to search the perfect paintings to decorate home, office, hotel and so on.


You can place your order online directly since we have got a very efficient online purchasing system. You can customize your favorite paintings, sizes and frames online through Shop by Top Paintings, Shop by Subject, Shop by Room or Shop by Occasion. You can also order a portrait from your own photo (family portraits, wedding photo portraits, baby photo portraits, pets, house, etc) or paintings not listed in our web site through Photo to Art.  


Every painting is hand painted just for you !


We have our own entity gallery and studio, an army of talented and master artists working for us. Our artists tend to specialize in a certain style or in works of a certain master. We commission orders to the artist who is most likely to do the best job. Then they start with a blank canvas and only use the best oil paints for producing the paintings. To ensure that our oil paintings are environmental friendly and can be well collected for several decades without any color fading. We have our independent Inspection Department that control the quality of each painting before shipment. Furthermore, we provide lifetime warranty on each painting. We maintain the highest level of quality control and provide the best customer service possible. Nowdays our products have got a well quality reputation in the oil painting market.  What our customers say,see reviews. 


Our goal is to provide you the exquisite art paintings at an affordable price. Improving your shopping experience with top-rated service. Your satisfaction is our best regards. If you have any opinion or suggestion on our business, please feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to serve you!